About Galit Robinik

Galit Robinik is considered one of the leading wedding dress designers in Israel. At her fashionable studio in the Hatzrot Jaffa complex she realizes the dreams of brides and, in her words, makes them “queen for a day”. As she sees it the wedding is a once in a lifetime day and the bride must be its focal point.

“My dresses are grandiose, extravagant and breathtaking. The aim is to astound the guests and to give a real show”, says Galit. You will not find “nightgowns”, as she puts it, in her collection, and even the after party dresses are special and carry the designer’s personal signature.

As a little girl she already dreamt of designing bridal gowns. Her dolls and then her girlfriends were the first models of her work. After her military service she studied fashion design in college followed by two years as a teacher. But her passion for design was strong and she left teaching to start her own business. Galit’s first studio was only 40 sq. m., yet from the outset attracted brides from all corners of the country. When her business grew she moved to her new and most upscale studio at the Hatzrot Jaffa Complex.

“My new studio is the realization of a dream come true for me. It is a spacious complex where a bride can feel like a real queen whe she wears one of my creations”, says Galit.

Galit personally takes the measurements of each and every bride, from the first measurement to dressing the bride on her wedding day.

“A bride that comes to me for one of my dresses expects to receive full service. I do not understand designers who work remotely and are almost never on-site. I do most of the measurements and provide service from start to finish”, says Galit.

Galit’s spacious studio and her amazing service and team attract brides and celebrities from all corners of the world.